Affordable Professional Photography

Affordable professional photography is do-able.

Great portfolios sell. And if you are an Interior Designer, you better have a portfolio that rocks ‘their’ world. Are you someone doing photos of your work yourself because it’s too costly to get a professional to help out?

This past year I got to work in the Denver Design Center for a bit.  One of the things that seemed to be a reoccurant topic that Interior Designers brought up, was the drop in business when the economy got ugly. There were a few select Interior Designers who seemed to be doing okay. Which was a good sign there was still hope, but they were also veterans; around long enough to have built a very healthy fan base and network of people. 

This is why I say it’s important for a designer to have a great portfolio. It’s already hard enough out there. From one artist to another, I provide affordable professional photography so you can have a portfolio that won’t go unnoticed. I’ve worked with enough interior designers to know that every detail they put in a space matters. For every placement there is a reason, for every design there is a function…and behind every piece of decor or color there is an inspiration. It’s important that a photographer gets that. The one that does is going to create the best photos to highlight your creativity, sense of style, and your ability to design an effective setting and overall feeling.

If you are an interior designer (or skilled worker in the trade) and looking for a photographer in Denver with an eye for style that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Something Green Photography offers Professional Photography at a price you can afford.

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