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It just so happens that the very first customer to come to me for maternity photos was yours truly.

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Yes, I am pregnant (with a boy)! We found out shortly after the new year.  That explains the void in my blog postings. I’ve been so busy altering practically every element in my life in order to prepare and welcome the newcomer. And although photography has taken a back seat lately, I’m hoping I can get back at it again when I go on leave.

Doing my own maternity photos was not easy. First, feeling beautiful while pregnant did not exist for me. I cannot emphasis this more. Second, I had ten seconds to run in place and pose before the self timer went off….with a basket ball belly getting in my way. Not easy. BUT! It did give me a chance to work in my home studio for the first time. And now I am pumped to utilize my studio more!

Ladies (who are expecting), as your body becomes something that is no longer in your control (AGH!!), your maternity photos should never lose sight of your personality. Then top it off with the “glow”… you know… the “glow” everyone talks about (but us pregnant girls may not always feel?) The program I used to insert artful effects is a free program that anyone can download called, GIMP. It works much like Adobe Photoshop (it does not have as many photo enhancing elements and techniques- but it’s free and you can’t beat that).

There is a quote about pregnancy, “A moment in my belly, a lifetime in my heart”. While being pregnant sure does not feel like a short moment, they do say after pregnancy you’ll forget it all. Growing a human inside of you is not easy, but is the most incredible miracle. Do not pass up getting maternity photos. Capture the moment, remember the miracle forever.


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