Portrait Of A Bridesmaid

I saw a quote the other day that really stood out for me: “Highschool isn’t about finding your husband, it’s about finding your bridesmaids”.

I found this quote just a week before my own wedding. And what did I learn through the process of planning my own wedding? Bridesmaids play a much bigger role than you think. Who you choose is very important in the success of your happiness and a smooth running wedding .

Here’s a short story about, ‘portrait of a bridesmaid’.

For my wedding, I had six bridesmaids. For four months, I did a photo shoot of each one. When it finally came time for the wedding (which was held on a beautiful ranch in Colorado), I bought 6 wild flower umbrellas and had them on display on a tiered-like part of the landscape. Underneath each umbrella, was a metallic photo that I had enlarged and put in a standing frame. I also included a card with their full name on each. Inside the card was a CD of a bunch of photos they got to take home with them.  “Portrait of a bridesmaid” shows my 6 chosen bridesmaids. The set up of their photos at the wedding was a nice touch and lent the feeling of importance that each girl is in my life. Spectators liked it and I think the bridesmaids felt pretty special. Maybe something to think about doing at your wedding?

I do have to end by saying the greatest thing about doing the photo shoot of my besties, was the hour I had with each, watching their personalities shine, remembering our friendship and reconnecting those ties. The quote is right. High school is for finding your bridesmaids.

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