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Professional Photographer, Melissa Hensley, of Something Green Photography

These are just a few of the fun words my clients have used to describe their photo shoot with me. 


I’m Melissa HensleyI love taking pictures. It’s the one art form that truly does capture lightning in a bottle. That lightning could be the sparkle of a diamond, or the morning dew, or the twinkle in the eyes of a baby. The point is…with a camera I can snap up those tiny fragments of time and save them from disappearing forever.

I want my photography to truly connect eyes and hearts and minds. When I’m taking your picture, I want you to feel comfortable, have fun, and let the “real you” shine. And, of course, I’d love for you to tell all your friends how much you enjoyed the experience.

Whether it’s still shots or travel photography or nature scenes or design photography, I look for a way to bring out the life and the living. With so many angles, color shades, and lighting combinations found in everyday life…there’s no end to the creative possibilities. Connect with me today, and let’s capture your lightning.

Oh yeah, I also want to let you know about my boudoir and model photography. They’ve been my most popular shoots…by far.  


  • if you need a portfolio that stands out…
  • or maybe a sassy picture for that one special someone…
  • or if you want something really different and you’re ready to explore… 

Remember “Melissa Hensley Photography”.


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