Rough Week

We’ve had a little bit of a rough week, or at least the beginning, on our trip to Pittsburgh. The flight out for starters (shudder). The day after that I literally reached exhaustion. I’ve worked overtime, busy holidays, and I’ve had a cold for a couple weeks.

It's been a Rough Week for Eli and Me so far.

Thursday I felt worse. Early that morning my mom took care of Eli, and I slept until 3pm (that was awesome!) I could have slept til Friday. No joke. On Friday Eli had a temperature. I am managing to keep that under control. Today I said enough is enough.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I have been to CrossFit. And now that I finally have help to watch Eli, I found a local affiliate and went. It ended up being a perfect day to go because it was Olympic lifting day. I was able to work at my own pace without feeling winded (stupid cold), and I warmed up my muscles and worked on form.

The advantage of going to different CrossFit locations is you get new advice from new coaches who are seeing you for the first time. I got some good pointers today, and the people were super nice. I will attend a couple more times for actual WODS before I leave for New Jersey. If I have time I might even find a box in Jersey!

Tonight we head back into Pittsburgh for a date night with Eli at Sesame Street.

We were in Pittsburgh a few nights ago and it was about 13°. It felt like -20. I took some night photos of the city and it was so cold I was shaking. A blast of wind took a coat I had draped around me right off my body and blew it about 15 feet down the sidewalk. I believe that’s when I said #[email protected] this! See, when I said “rough week”, I wasn’t kidding.

Night photos plus shaking means they turned out ok, but nothing that I could put on my website. I’m trying again tonight. With a tripod. I’ll share some shots if the shivers don’t mess ’em up too much. Until then…Have a great day!


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